▷ 4 online business ideas (and the steps to take to get there)

If you are reading these lines, it is because you want to create an online business…

You may even want your life to look like this:

Online business proposals found on Youtube

You want to find THE good idea and then the money comes automatically, automatically, every month.

You are looking for the next technique that will make you a millionaire without moving a finger.

For example, watch videos that teach you how to earn $100/day by copying and pasting, an e-commerce dropshipping on Shopify, or how to get rich on the web by completing a survey. You are doing market research, a business plan, want to find an idea for your domain name, a host and hope to create a website or open a store in your image.

I have bad news for you.

That’s not how it happens.

Yes, you can earn (a lot of) money on the internet. But no, it’s not easy.

It’s a job. You will have to work.

The good news is that in this article I will show you where to start your internet business.

Think of it as a map, a road map, a direction.

You won’t get rich reading it, but at least you know where to go.

PS: the concepts I’m going to talk about adapt just as well to a WordPress blog (or other CMS), an Instagram account, a Facebook page, a website, a YouTube channel, an e-commerce store or whatever . . You’ll soon see that it’s about your audience.

It doesn’t matter where you build it.

1. Sell Online Training

Selling online training is the holy grail of the web entrepreneur. Why ? Because :

  • You have control over the sale prices and the terms of sale (we will see in the following methods that this is not always the case)
  • Your margin is huge because as it is a digital product it will cost you next to nothing to produce
  • The e-learning sector is growing rapidly. You have to position yourself on it, it is the future!

How do we do that?

I thought it would be easier to tell you about it on video. The entire process for creating a website and selling products can be found in the video below!

However, creating and selling e-learning courses is not perfect.

It will already cost you time. You have to start by creating an interested audience (it’s long). And then you have to create the content (and that too is long).

Then training suppliers sometimes have a bad reputation. They are often referred to as scammers and dream sellers. There are, yes, but most are honest and have a real ability to pass on.

Make sure you are one of them.

Finally, opening a website and creating a distance learning course costs money and requires some technical skills (more than the methods below anyway). You will need to master a number of marketing tools to provide your students with a professional experience and connect your means of payment.

To guide you through this web marketing jungle and set up a beautiful website, I wrote an article that summarizes the 13 tools I use for my own online training.

2. Use ads to make money on the web

Let’s move on to the most famous way to make money on the internet: advertising.

The most famous, sure, but not at all the most profitable of the web trader. On the contrary.

Realize: for 1000 views you receive an average of € 0.10. If you want to make $1,500 per month, you need… 15 million monthly visitors. Only that.

Unless you have a site like Le Monde, you won’t get there right away (if at all).

Examples of advertisements found on the Journal Le Monde . website

Small clarification: this business model is only valid if you can place ads, so a priori only on your websites, blogs and YouTube. You have no control over the code of, for example, your Instagram page.

How do you put yourself there?

You need traffic. A lot of traffic. So create content that appeals.

In your virtual store, you can then insert the Google Adsense codes that will distribute ads.

If you use YouTube, you can monetize your channel with a few clicks (provided you meet certain criteria).

If you are interested in becoming a professional YouTuber, read this article first!

3. Create an Online Affiliate Business

Affiliation is the great unknown in online business. It is selling someone else’s product or service to earn a commission on the sale. You are like an independent seller, but an internet version.

Affiliation is an online business technique in which the affiliate sells a product or service to an end customer.

Again, you need to start building an audience. And if possible a niche audience (in a certain niche, in a certain theme).

You then promote products that may be of interest to your community and send them to a personalized distance selling link. It is this personalized link that allows the seller to count your scores.

When I started in the affiliate, I took Emma’s little video course, which I recommend. You can find the link to register for free in the handy resources at the bottom of this article.

A word of advice: you can use affiliation to create your audience from the get-go. How ? By placing yourself between the seller and the customer.

4. Write Sponsored Articles for Ecommerce Businesses

Last but not least, sponsored articles on websites (or sponsored posts if you are on social networks).

What is it about ? An advertiser (a brand) pays you to write content that advertises.

You can do this by directly recruiting the companies that interest you, or by registering on networking platforms (such as Seeding Up or Victoria Talents).

This is a method that is widely used on Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube, for example. If you are interested in this working, I recommend Magalie Berdah’s book on influence. It may seem light at first glance, but it provides very relevant information! The link is in the Resources at the bottom of the article.

Examples of sponsored instagram post, sponsored article or sponsored video to do business online

Here, too, you must have a specialized audience upstream. The price at which you sell your sponsored content depends mainly on how many people are reached by this content. The larger and more specific your audience, the more you charge.

Personally, I think this is the method I like least, because you’re clearly selling your time for money. You are not taking advantage of leverage to create a profitable business. This business model limits you to the 24 hours you have in the day. This is not my idea of ​​e-commerce.

Helpful Resources for Building an Online Business

NB: (dedicated web store) learning how to create a niche site and then managing its content to get a good natural referral from search engines is essential to create an ecommerce store.

Correctly referencing your new seller site with SEO is indeed a marketing strategy that will bring unlimited potential customers to your ecommerce blog.

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