Offer all students the same school

A look back at the round table organized on September 24, 2022 at the Maison de l’océan in Paris, during the 76th Congress of the FCPE. An exchange with the parents of students, who had equal rights in terms of theme. Do all students benefit from the same school offer in France? Are central government … Read more

Secularism: “Schools should not be afraid to expose”

ploss of signs and clothing, suspicion of proselytism, refusal of certain activities, contestation of education… The Ministry of National Education recently unveiled a report devoted to attacks on secularism in schools and reported an upward trend in its coverage. In front of PointIannis Roder, associate professor of history in a priority education network (REP) for … Read more

From Mitterrand’s free school to Macron’s pension reform: five 49-3 stories that marked political life

The government’s use of Article 49(3) of the Constitution can be central to the legislative game. And sometimes not… Among the 100 pledges of government responsibility made by 16 prime ministers during the Fifth Republic, 5 stories deserve to be told. premium The 49.3 Weapon, Strength or Weakness? Sources: National Assembly, Public Senate, Wikipedia. Photo … Read more