ESCP Business School, a decisive choice

Why study at the ESCP Business School? A number of French and foreign students who want to attend a post-baccalaureate business school may ask themselves this question.

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ESCP Business School invites you to discover the testimony of André Schellenberg Sandoval, third year Bachelor in Management (BSc) student and president of the ESCP Bachelor student association:

It is a priori not an obvious choice for a young Swiss student. However, these first two years of Bachelor in Management (BSc) confirmed me in this decision and my choice turned out to be excellent. I was born in Bangkok, the son of a Zurich father and a Mexican mother. I was exposed to cultural and linguistic diversity from an early age and spoke German and Spanish within my family. I have moved nine times in my life and it has taught me how to adapt quickly to places as diverse as China (Shanghai) or Saudi Arabia (Riyadh). But having spent all my education in the French system abroad, I developed a special relationship with French culture and this attachment followed me when I chose my higher education.»

Campuses across Europe

It is therefore in 2020 that ESCP is about to become one of the phases in my professional career. And this thanks to a Swiss student with a profile similar to mine, who later described the school to me as an ideal and stimulating environment for international and French students. Indeed, the 3-year bachelor offers an extraordinary experience through a study program of excellence, including a change of country every year at the European campuses of ESCP (London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Turin) and that includes more than a hundred different nationalities. These are undoubtedly important assets that offer an exceptional opportunity to open up to the professional world.”

Taking advantage of the first year of an immersive program in the corporate world, students are confronted with collective projects that allow them to put into practice the knowledge they have gained in the classroom in the field. Other subjects, such as entrepreneurship or management control, usefully complete the training, while providing access to a network of professors and experts from the most prestigious organizations such as Deloitte, Renault or Amazon Web Services.»

So, as soon as I joined the program, I had the opportunity to work for several companies, such as Nestlé and Véolia. I even had the opportunity to develop a sustainable junior consultancy company, which allowed me to gain hands-on experience and work on my leadership and entrepreneurial skills, allowing me to dedicate myself to what I am passionate about.»

Student life on campus

And from a social point of view? Student life on campus is crucial, especially in this international environment with students from all over the world. During these years of study, in my experience, strong and durable bonds are formed. I met people who inspired me, opened my mind and taught me a lot about myself, people with whom I will definitely maintain a friendship and bond throughout my life.»

With a deep connection to student life, I took on the responsibility of representing the six hundred students of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) program on the Paris campus as president of the bachelor student association. I lead a team of 23 students of different nationalities who come together around a collective mission: the adherence of students to the values ​​of our school.»

If I may share a memorable moment at ESCP, I’d like to mention the speech I had to give to more than 600 students during the program’s introductory week when a technical glitch robbed me of my visual support. . That’s how I learned to keep my composure and to channel my stress in order to make a presentation I’m proud of. So these are small experiences, but they forge us throughout the year on a professional level, but also on a personal level.»

Choosing a Post-Baccalaureate Business School Program

Advice for prospective students who want to embark on a Bachelor of Excellence and develop their potential? Whichever school you choose, it’s important to know how to stand out through 1) an international program, 2) academic excellence and 3) a developed network, because in the world of business management, the diversity we bring defines the leaders of the future .»

In short, do not be afraid to choose a post-baccalaureate program in a business school, still unusual in France, which, by moving away from a traditional course, nevertheless opens many doors for prestigious masters and then for companies that are increasingly are more looking for atypical and international profiles.»

I would therefore like everyone to choose a bachelor’s degree that best suits his or her personal and professional development, such as the one offered to me today by the Bachelor in Management (BSc) of ESCP.»

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