Flipkart and eDAO bring Flipverse, a virtual shopping experience to Metaverse: that’s how it works

Flipkart is making its users’ shopping experience more exciting with the new Metaverse initiative. It’s called Flipverse and it’s described as “a metaverse space where consumers can experience products in a photorealistic virtual destination and shop in the Flipkart app.” So even though you can view the products or say window shopping, the final verification process is only through Flipkart. The e-commerce giant shook hands with eDAO, an organization incubated by Polygon to realize this new platform.

How do you use Flipverse?

Flipverse’s user interface also offers static 2D product catalogs, but these would be rendered in 3D rendered store displays. You, the user, can walk and browse the store. In addition to products, Flipverse will also try to attract visitors with games, contests, launch events, mystery boxes and features. So you see how this Web 3.0 interface differs from the much more traditional Web2.0-based Flipkart we’re used to.

Where to access Flipverse?

Flipverse will be available on FireDrops, an e-commerce platform within Flipkart. Flipverse Phase 1 is currently rolling out on Android only. That means you can find it in the Flipkart app for Android or through web browsers.

Which products from all brands will be available on Flipverse?

So far, brands like Puma, Noise, Nivea, Lavie, Tokyo Talkies, Campus, VIP, Ajmal Perfumes, Himalaya and Butterfly India come to Flipverse.

Naren Ravula, Vice President and Head of Product Strategy and Deployment, Flipkart Labs, said: “The future growth of e-commerce will be influenced by today’s immersive technologies, and Metaverse is one of the foremost in this field with huge potential. The launch of Flipverse will continue to impact innovative industries such as e-commerce and improve the customer experience while providing a fun and immersive shopping experience, especially in light of the adoption of metaverse platforms and web3 by various brands in India. To give customers access to their favorite brands, offers, SuperCoins and digital collectibles, we want to enhance their shopping experiences in a virtual and immersive environment.

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, said: “While we’re just beginning to explore what’s possible in the metaverse, we see e-commerce as one of the deadliest use cases. Combining big brands with Flipkart’s e-commerce commerce expertise in a virtual environment is poised to revolutionize online retail as we know it Flipverse will be a dynamic and visible expression of the metaverse, and I am proud that this activation is happening on Polygon .

Anand Venkateswaran, CEO of eDAO, said: “A metaverse should enable a tangible connection for consumers with brands and creators. It should act as a portal to new experiences and engagement loops. With partners such as GuardianLink and Surreal Events, Flipverse does all that. in the first iteration Flipverse can unlock a lot of value over time, but for Diwali we just optimized it for fun, it’s a privilege for eDAO to give creative and technical weight to Flipkart’s vision.

“The emergence of forward-looking technologies has become essential for creating new and engaging experiences for users in the new era. As a brand that breathes innovation, we are excited to be a part of Flipkart’s virtual world and set up virtual stores to showcase our range, providing our users with an exciting experience to interact in avatars around the world. navigate. Noise is driven by customer focus at its core, and we’re always looking for ways that help us raise the bar for consumer engagement. The virtual world of Flipkart will help redefine the consumer shopping journey and I am sure users would love it if they buy their favorite Noise devices through the Flipkart app,” said Gaurav Khatri, Co-Founder from Noise.

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