From the blockchain to the industrial metaverse: Microsoft is turning the world of work upside down

Further march to Web3! – Not long ago, the metaverse an obscure concept to some and barbaric to others. It is clear that the notion of a virtual world in 3 dimensions, a social space for all, evolves, progresses and becomes clearer. From sony to Meta, via The Sandbox, the metaverse exists as a social space and a means of entertainment. Microsoft intends to participate in this innovation and the web3 in the world of work and industry.

A partnership leading to a new revolution

Recent collaborations in early May, with Heinz or Boeing, show interest in Microsoft’s industrial metaverse. During the conference “MicrosoftBuild 2022” which took place on Tuesday 24 May 2022, this is a new one partnership of Kawasaki that was announced. It is then a matter of integrating the metaverse into the production process and the repair of Kawasaki products. Jessica HawkMicrosoft’s vice president of mixed reality, told CNBC about the relevance of the technology:

“These are real issues these companies face. Having a technology solution that can help unlock the supply chain challenge, for example, has an incredible impact. »

The concept of an industrial metaverse is simple. In theory, Kawasaki factory workers can de HoloLens headset from Microsoft, first launched in 2016. They can then have the virtual images of real-world products and participate in their design, for example. the metaverse then becomes a working tool.

Microsoft’s Metaverse (dubbed) “Network”) seems to have touch with companies. The abolition of distances then makes it possible to operate repairs and manage chains ofremote delivery, modeled after reality through this virtual universe. After all, the virtual helmet makes it possible to guide a person on site in his movements.

Production processes and solutions for logistics rules are therefore reduced, according to Microsoft. However, the company’s innovation doesn’t stop there.

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A gradual adoption of the blockchain by Microsoft

Behind the metaverse of Microsoft is azure blue, a blockchain service. The purpose of this service is to secure and decentralized framework, a real tool for startups that want to grow with Microsoft. The Azur project is simple as explained by the Microsoft team, so it allows to:

  • Create smart and efficient supply chains for the transfer of sensitive business information;
  • reduce fraud;
  • Quickly verify transactions;
  • Improving the life and smooth running of a business through blockchain solutions.

On the strength of this new development around the decentralization and blockchain, Microsoft even hints at getting a foothold in the world of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, the tech giant confirmed in a May 24, 2022 press release to integrate the project Astrid Dao to his program Microsoft for startups. AstridDAO even plans to develop a decentralized money market protocol. The BAI stablecoin, built on the Astar blockchain in the Polkadot ecosystem, would then aim to become the stablecoin of the Polkadot blockchain.

Blockchain, metaverse, Web3 and an opening to the world of cryptocurrencies: Microsoft confirms its trials and expands into the business world. The blockchain will become a working tool enable decentralization, trust and productivity. the workplace may be startled by these technologies, which rethink distances and exchanges.

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