here’s how the pro bank makes life easier for its customers

Hello banker! continues to improve its Hello Business offering for professionals. As of today, they can take out a loan of up to 25,000 euros. A facility that has just added to the many advantages of its professional offering.

Launched in May 2021, the Hello Business offering is already evolving by offering more options to its users. If you don’t know Hello Business yet, this is the banking offer from Hello bank! dedicated to independent professionals. In this offer, the online bank offers what it already does very well, namely offering a complete banking service, user-friendly and above all at an affordable price.

Bank card, billing assistance and professional credit: discover 3 facilities that Hello Business offers to its professional customers. The banking service currently offers a discount of -50% until March 7, 2022, ie at the price of EUR 5.45 excluding VAT per month.

Professional credit: easier investing

Having limited investment capacity due to lack of cash can be a real barrier to the development of your business. The solution is usually found on the credit side, which allows you to quickly invest in equipment and new tools to develop your activity.

Hello Business has recently started offering professional loans specifically intended to support your activity. The advantage is that the borrowed money can be available very quickly: once the file is validated, the money is in your pro account within 48 hours. With Hello Business you can borrow up to 25,000 euros and spread the repayments over a period of 24 to 84 months. This is a fixed-rate loan, the interest of which is communicated when applying for the loan.

The advantage is that Hello Business does not charge an application fee and does not require a loan receipt to provide it. You only have to agree to use this amount for the exercise of your professional activity, to purchase a vehicle or equipment. You can also take out optional insurance that covers you against incidents that prevent you from repaying the credit.

My Business Assistant Start: the ultimate tool for managing your customers

Developing a professional activity requires a certain rigor, especially when it comes to your clients. It is necessary to have quick access to their contact person and their information, but also to be able to generate valid quotations and invoices from a legal point of view. In short, as time-consuming as it is, the administrative part of your business should not be neglected.

To support its customers, Hello Business offers “My Business Assistant Start”. This tool, which takes the form of a mobile application available on iOS and Android, is a real administrative assistant. This is what it allows:

  • create customer files with contacts and contact details
  • generate a list of products and services you offer to your customers
  • quickly create quotes and invoices thanks to the customer and product files identified by the application
  • create credit notes from your generated invoices in case of cancellation or refund

Integrated free of charge into the Hello Business offering, “My Business Assistant Start” is an essential tool for the day-to-day running of a business. Thanks to internet banking, you can also save money with it, because this type of tool is generally paid for.

A professional bank card like that of your online bank

If your Hello bank! you probably know that it is one of the best online banks, especially thanks to the bank card. For its professional Hello Business offer, the establishment offers a bank card with the same benefits.

In the Hello Business offer, the online bank provides a Visa card free of charge, with the choice between immediate or deferred debit. It allows you to pay and withdraw money for free in Europe, as well as in foreign currencies worldwide. It also allows you to pay with your connected items through the Apple Pay and Fitbit Pay payment protocols.

Online banking mandatory, all control over his bank card is done from the mobile application. For example, you can block your card for free, deactivate online payments and change the limits without having to call an advisor. The mobile application also shows in real time the transactions made with your bank card. An essential point to manage its compatibility on a daily basis.

Hello Business: an advantageous banking offer for the self-employed

Despite being a few months old, the Hello Business offering is looking to establish itself among independent professionals. Online banking offers an already mature service, which encompasses everything that can be expected from a professional bank, and even a little more. Thanks to “My Business Assistant Start”, Hello Business also offers to support professionals with the daunting administrative tasks.

The final advantage of Hello Business is the price. Currently on promotion at -50% for 6 months, Hello Business costs only 5.45 euros excluding VAT per month. This price includes a bank account, a bank card and all the services offered such as “My Business Assistant Start”, or customer service available 6 days a week.

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