Initiative in Perpignan: a driving school like no other opens its doors

The association AFER 66 is the head of this first solidarity driving school. (© Emilien Vicens/Actu Perpignan)

“The culmination of twenty-five years of dedication”. The Association for Training and Road education (AFER 66) has just completed the biggest project of its existence: this Thursday October 20th a driving school like no other was inaugurated in Perpignan, in the station area. Explanation.

A solidarity driving school in Perpignan

Dedicated in the field of information, of the pedagogy and a little road training decades ago, AFER 66 started a colossal project almost two years ago: to build its own driving school for a very specific audience, namely people who would meet each other great difficulties obtaining a driver’s license for various reasons.

This device, widely supported by the department of the Pyrénées-Orientales and the state, through the prefecture des P.-O., is therefore exclusively aimed at “all those who cannot get their driver’s license at other driving schools, by classic way. So it is a non-competitive device. We do not compete in any way with other driving schools”, summarizes Claudine Guerniou, president of the association.

For people in an integration situation but experiencing difficulties

In concrete terms, the solidarity driving school focuses on people who are under the add-in devicesfrom marginality or great trouble social. This is aimed at those who never got their driver’s license and who have a hard time getting it in a conventional driving school.

Of the comprehension problems, a severe fear of driving, the nfluent in French or even dyslexia, dysgragia, dyscalculia… Difficulties that hinder professional integration due to the lack of mobility.

The Prefect of the Pyrénées-Orientales Rodrigue Furcy was present at the inauguration of this project this Thursday, October 20.
The Prefect of the Pyrénées-Orientales Rodrigue Furcy was present at the inauguration of this project this Thursday, October 20. (© Emilien Vicens/Actu Perpignan)

Candidates sent on “prescription” from institutions and organizations

In addition, you will not be able to push the doors of this solidarity driving school yourself. But one professional Responsible for supporting a candidate may assume the role of: “prescriber”. This could be the department employment center, of the Local youth mission or even structures for integration through economic activity.

When each candidate arrives, the solidarity driving school conducts a Evaluation to know the difficulties and level of the latter. “Our goal is then to guide him to the end, until he has the code and then the driver’s license. Even if we have to drive more than fifty hours,” specifies Elizabeth Marcilly, director.

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In this way every candidate benefits from a specialized support. Trainings and exams are: free for some, more or less paying for others, with a possible installment payment. All this will again be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

” Our goal ? 30 to 40 successful permits per year »

The association employs four monitors/trainers and a secretary. Six or seven dossiers have already been submitted by the various prescribing institutions and organisations. The driving school strives for it in the first year “30 to 40 successful driver’s licenses. That would already be a great success,” continues Claudine Guerniou.

On site, in Perpignan, the property has different training roomsbut also from simulators, to learn in stages and before you hit the road. AFER 66 is also equipped with a movable simulator to move around the department. Grab the Road safety patent (BSR), for the two wheels less than 50cc3, is also possible.

AFER 66 – Solidarity Driving School
3 rue du Puits qui sang – Perpignan
More information on the association’s website
E-mail: [email protected]

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