IT for Business – Le Magazine n° 2275, September 2022

Contents of IT for Business 2275 > File: Innovation fuels the success of e-commerce… and its ethics! / Survey: How to implement the FinOps approach / Interview: Aline Bourdin, CIO of Vinci Construction Europe-Africa / Portrait: Benoît Dehais, CIO of the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée region…

“Experience”… New grail, whether we are talking about employees or customers… But for both the IT department is in high demand and in the first case has to work closely with HR and in the second with the business line. .

“Experience” is also that of our readers. This issue 2275 of IT for Business heralds a new layout that we wanted to be clearer, more readable and more attuned to new reading behaviour.

As the form changes, the content remains focused on the issues of CIOs and IT teams.

That’s why this new 2022 back-to-school issue of IT for Business gives a prominent place to the customer experience, the driver of consumption. A consumption that it is up to everyone to make more responsible, including IT teams. Like every year around this time, our file of the month analyzes the digital trends underlying developments in the retail sector. It must be recognized that when it comes to good practices for improving the customer experience, this is not “the end of plenty”.

DSI Europe-Africa from Vinci Construction, Aline Bourdin is our guest of the month. It evokes the management of an international IT department, at the articulation of the central IT department and the general management of the subsidiaries, with all its challenges of pooling but also of respect for local cultures.

Whether it’s saving money on cloud costs or making progress in digital sobriety, an approach FinOps turns out to be necessary. Our survey of the month describes its implementation and management.

In this issue you will also find the testimonials by CMA-CGM (public cloud adoption), France Televisions (real-time subtitles from franceinfo), from CNES (connected glasses), Renault (DBMS in managed mode) and decathlon (cyber security).

Without forgetting Startups of the Month : Decide AI (addition or alternative to Google Analytics), hugging face (AI models and datasets), track (measurement of carbon footprint and definition of green IT strategy).

Discover below the comprehensive summary of IT for Business n°2275, dated September 2022.


Managing an international IT department requires a lot of agility to nurture by listening»
Interview with Aline BourdinCIO of Vinci Construction Europe-Africa


Innovation fuels the success of e-commerce… and its ethics!

– A transaction modified by seizures… what boost innovation
– A virtual universe constantly expanding
– In scavenger hunt of a trade more responsible


How to implement the FinOps approach (actually)?


Benoît Dehais, CIO of the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée . Region
“The public service gives me very nice projects to live”


CMA-CGM go to the public cloud
France Televisions : france info en real time with services cloud from AWS
– The CNES unleash productivity with connected glasses
Renault takes the managed mode of the DBMS MongoDB Atlas
decathlon broadens the to secure of its applications clouds


– The digital dynamics French benefits ESN
– L’AI to save climate ?
– The “cyber score» pending further details


Freelancers: Thriving Marketplaces


The DSA new compliance project for the DSI


It’s not the weather vane that turns…


the agility in the service of a more responsible digital
– How to make outsourcing strategy a lever of innovation


Decide AImore than a compliant supplement GDPR Bee Google Analytics
hugging face offers a AI Github
track guides CIOs in the reduction of C02 emissions


A mathematically flawless compiler

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