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Today, it is extremely difficult for companies to recruit candidates who perfectly meet their expectations. The CV, the preliminary interviews and the appearance shown are certainly indicative of the candidate’s profile, but nevertheless remain artifacts that do not allow us to know how the person will act in the light of the concrete reality of the company. For example, Network Virtuel Business has created a recruitment platform, based on alternative data and soft skills, that optimizes collaboration between job providers and job seekers.

The difficulty of finding the best candidates for setting up Virtual Network Business

Suppose a company needs to recruit a candidate for a specific need. If we take the example of a productive company with a good reputation, it needs a leader who is able to perpetuate its strengths and support it through a phase of modernization. While a company that needs a deep transformation needs more of a reforming candidate, who is able to inspire a new direction for the company.

Or, à partir d’un simple CV et d’un entretien d’embauche, il est extrêmement difficile de connaître la nature profonde et le comportement d’un candidat, et par conséquent, la façon dont son management aura un impact sur l’ company. This is how more and more market participants are turning to recruiting without a resume, which is considered too static. But concrete and effective tools to help with recruitment are not legion on the market.

From this observation, Network Virtual Business was born, a platform that helps SMEs with 200 employees or more who want to pass the ETI course to recruit candidates who perfectly match their needs.

A mission: to build bridges between job seekers and job seekers

After a general and commercial career, especially in the banking sector, Vincent Barberot chose to focus on corporate IT, aware of the challenges ahead and the central role of digital technology. With his dual skills and his taste for self-training, he chose to embark on a new adventure: Virtual Network Business.

Aiming to find the best candidates for companies, this recruitment platform focuses on soft skills, but also on other resulting criteria such as professional affinity with the missions, management style and skills, relationships and the ability to strengthen team strengths.

Vincent Barberot, founder and director of Network Virtual Business Virtual Business Network

A BtoB web platform to optimize career management and business development

Network Virtual Business thus provides improved job search information in the French-speaking world, in France, Quebec, Belgium and Luxembourg.

This unique recruitment platform guides you through the entire process of building your professional career. An alternative classification of data allows companies to recruit the best candidates.

Ultimately, Network Virtual Business wants to create an entirely new data ecosystem at the service of the business organization. It will then be a matter of proposing different decision support services through the exploitation of the data. In other words, it will be a personalized strategic tool for companies to support their commercial development and their public relations. Indeed, the activity and the recruitment must run in parallel to achieve a better consistency in the long-term strategic development, provide a new HR experience and thus strengthen the company.

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