The school of XV, fight against school dropout

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The values ​​of the school of the XV

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Now that the school holidays start this Friday, we tell you about the XV school, which has opened a branch in Saint-Etienne since March. The aim is to prevent early school leaving. Report on their premises.


Engage, Grow Learn, Share, Learn, Succeed “. In the living room, the values ​​of the school of the XV are written in capital letters on the wall. The building here receives students from CM2 to the third year. Some are school leavers, others start decreasing the average “Explains Jade Vincent, the head of the Saint-Etienne department of the Ecole des XV. ” We also work to prevent school drop-out […] students who need us to hang the wagons” specifies them.

To deal with these difficulties, the support for young people is divided into two parts with homework help and tutoring in Mathematics and French, the subject in which the pupils ” faced with many difficulties explains Cassandre Fayolle, specialist educator. Antoine is in fifth grade and says he met a lot of difficulties “from CP to CM1” especially with “reading” while for Léna, a sixth-grade student, it is mainly “in conjunction”. They both come from the Aristide Briand college with which they have entered into an exclusive partnership. CM2 pupils come from three primary schools in Terrenoire: Bourg, La Perrotière and Janon.

Our report within the school of the XV:

individual work

They are 36 and spend about 12 hours a week in school, in addition to the courses taught at the university. In small classrooms there are never more than four. A way of ” give young people the opportunity to participate as we very often have students who are shy and can afford to raise their hands ‘ confides the administrator.

“The biggest problem for our young people is self-confidence. » Jade Vincent

The course lasts one hour and in each lesson there are two paintings “to let young people do their exercises on the board or to give two lessons at the same time “. There are also other resources available to students, such as this large map of Europe to learn the countries or this table in which the multiplication tables are available. This is the learning method of Philippe Carré.

The three-step work of the XV school explained by Jade Vincent:

Accurate follow-up

For the educators of the school of the XV, there is also a social time: “It’s a time for discussion, educational activities, a meal, they eat with us on Wednesday afternoons. explains Jade Vincent. Children can also be guided through activities, such as this multicolored canvas in the hallways. It represents a great rugby player: “on a speaker who came to do street art, who taught them how to make stencils and then did the tracing.”

A great rugby player made by the students of the XV school

A great rugby player made by the students of the XV school

Credit: Active radio

A sequel “general” who is also school and continues a “access to their Pronote and everything related to behavior. In addition, we are on the class council, we have a lot of consultation with the parents, we have contact with the head teachers, the French and math teachers. » explains Jade Vincent. The school of XV also conducts a follow-up at the behavioral level: ” if a student is expelled from school for three days, he comes to us to work on behavior because we are specialized educators and we work on everything that is conduct disorder, framework etc. »

A job that Antoine “to increase (his) notes”. In total these are 72% of the students have passed the school of XV who obtain their patent according to the figures communicated by the school.

Jade Vincent explains the help to young people from the XV school:

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